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It Takes a Village To Implement Good Software

It Takes a Village To Implement Good Software

Everyone has heard the old adage that it "takes a village..."  With all of the people involved in proper software development and implementation, it really does take a village, or perhaps even a valley of people to develop and implement your software.  (Just a small nod to the Okanagan Valley, home of Windward Software) This is especially true when the application is mission critical to your operations.

When committing to an integrated Business Management System like Windward System Five on Cloud, you will likely be dealing with many departments within your organization, each with different requirements. This is why we treat every implementation as a project led by our Professional Services Team.

Whether its your first implementation to "Go-live" or adding an additional feature, your Professional Services Specialist coordinates efforts between your project manager and various teams at Windward.

  • Research & Development
  • Cloud Operations
  • Customer Care

This coordination of efforts ensures that you get software that matches your business logic, adheres to generally accepted accounting practices, and remains compliant with IT and security best practices through updates and continuous improvement.


Windward Software partners with your business every step of the way to make sure the software we provide will help your business thrive.

Your yearly maintenance or subscription is a standard business expense that should be worked into your budget, so that you can always remain up to date, and have support available when you need it most.

Tips for a Successful Software Projects

  1. Plan for the financial part, which may include a loan for the software or a lease of equipment
  2. Get feedback from whomever will be the end users; What functionality do they need?
  3. Determine the scope of each phase of the project; Don't bite off more than you can chew.
  4. Expect a learning curve; Plan for mistakes and use them as teachable moments.
  5. Give end users time to do the training; There's a whole Learning Academy for this.
  6. Give feedback to your implementer; Sometimes there's a different way that better suits your need

Do you need software that works with your business management strategy?images/System_Five_on_Cloud_Logo.png

Call Windward Software at +1(800) 663-5750 to see how our fully integrated business management system can be customized to the way you operate. 

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