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Encouraging Early & Rapid Adoption of New Technology in the Workplace

warehouse-worker-using-bar-code-scanner-to-analyzeAs a business owner or manager, you're always looking for ways to increase productivity, boost sales, and make better, faster decisions. Implementing new technology and tools is one way to accomplish all of those objectives—but getting every employee on board can often be a challenge. In this blog post, we'll explore some strategies you can use to increase the early and rapid adoption of new technology in the workplace.

One of the biggest challenges in adopting new technology is getting employees to actually use it. After all, if you don't use it, you can't reap the benefits. Furthermore, if your employees aren't using the technology, they can't take advantage of its features and capabilities—which means they're not working as efficiently as possible. Here are a few tips to encourage early and rapid adoption of new technology in the workplace:

1. Clearly communicate the benefits of the new technology.

When you're rolling out a new piece of technology, it's important to clearly communicate the benefits of using it. Not only will this help motivate employees to actually use the tool or system, but it will also help them see how it can benefit their work. For example, if you're implementing a new ERP system, like Windward System Five, let your employees know how it will help them keep track of their sales orders and pipeline—and how that will ultimately lead to more sales.

2. Make training mandatory—and make it fun.

Training must be mandatory if you want your employees to be proficient in using the new technology. However, that doesn't mean that training has to be boring. In fact, making training interactive and fun will help increase engagement and make it more likely that employees will actually retain what they've learned. One way to do this is by incorporating gamification into your training program—for example, by holding competitions or giving out prizes for those who complete quizzes with a high score.
portrait-of-warehouse-worker-standing-togetherTry the "new tech" -vs- "the old way" and compare the results

3. Provide ongoing training and support.

Even after employees have been trained on how to use the new technology, there will inevitably be questions that come up down the road. That's why it's important to provide ongoing support so that employees feel comfortable coming to you or someone else on your team with their questions—without feeling like they're bothering you or slowing down productivity. You can do this by setting up an online knowledge base or FAQ sheet that employees can reference when they have questions; by holding regular check-ins or town halls; or simply by being available and approachable when issues arise.
Solving business challenges is the most important motivator to "Going Live" with software. Implementation involves change in a business which we know can be hard. Avoid the “I’m not ready to go live” trap by focusing on your critical processes to launch the software. You will achieve ROI faster, bring efficiency to your team, and grow your business! Implementing additional features can happen once your team has built the habit of using System Five. -Charlene Gillespie, Director of Professional Services for Windward Software


4. Just START using it!

Many companies wait around for the "perfect version" while their competitors are gaining ground.  If you start using whatever platform or technology you're adopting, you can start reaping the benefits now.  Sure, there may be some kinks along the way, but you'll never overcome them if you don't start.

Trust us, you'll be better off for it.


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New technology can bring a lot of benefits to your organization—but only if your employees actually use it. By taking the time to clearly communicate the benefits of using the tool or system; making training mandatory (but fun!), and providing ongoing support; you can increase early and rapid adoption in your workplace.

Windward-Professional-ServicesWindward Software has Usage and Efficiency Based, Role-Based, Technical Plans available from our Professional Services Catalog.  These plans can help you spin up new employees, add features, or just speed up the overall adoption of Windward System Five.

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