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GRAND OPENING: Windward's New Showroom at Lightovation

we-moved-tm4931Windward Software has a new location at the Lightovation show in the Dallas Market Center this January.  We are pleased to announce the GRAND OPENING of our new Showroom TM-4931. Check out the grand opening timeline and more.

Most exhibitors at the 2023 Lightovation Show will be there to display the latest industry trends and product innovations. Windward Software is going there to shed a little light on another important subject: business management software and partnerships.

"The Dallas International Lighting Show is not just about purchasing, Lightovation  is an opportunity to refocus your business strategically & learn from your peers and vendors,"  Kyle Turner- Marketing Manager for Windward Software.

Meet Windward At The Show

Windward Software will be exhibiting in our shared showroom TM 4931 at the International Lighting Show.  We're on the 4th floor of the Trade Mart at Dallas Market Center

We are sharing space with our partners XO Logic and SPECTRA Marketing Group

We'll also be sure to spend some quality time with our Lighting One and Lights America partners as well.

The Dallas Market Center hosts some of the world’s marquee wholesale events across several retail sectors. Lightovation is one of the biggest shows that they host.

This five-day, biannual event (January and June) draws thousands of buyers—ranging from small boutiques all the way up to major retailers—in search of the latest trends and product lines for both residential and commercial applications.

Grand Opening Timeline

📅 Wednesday January 10th
  • Showroom is Open 9-5
  • 10 AM Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • Live Musician from 10-12:30
  • Get Professional Headshots taken from 1-4
  • 3pm - Have a refreshment with us
📅 Thursday January 11th
  • Showroom is Open 9-5
  • Professional Headshots taken from 9-12
  • Watch Our Mural Being Painted Live 10-2
  • 3pm - Have a refreshment with us
📅 Friday January 12th
  • Showroom is Open 9-5
  • Watch Our Mural Being Painted Live 10-2
  • 3pm - Have a refreshment with us
📅 Saturday January 13th
  • Showroom is Open 9-5
  • 3pm - Have a refreshment with us

In a fast-paced and competitive industry like lighting showrooms, having a comprehensive business management system that caters to your unique needs is crucial. Windward's fully integrated software solution empowers you to take control of your operation, optimize processes, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.


As a long-time member of the American Lighting Association, Windward Software helps businesses in the lighting industry manage their showrooms effectively using our flagship product, Windward System Five.

With Windward's fully integrated business management system, you have the power to effortlessly oversee every aspect of your operation using a single, centralized program.

That includes:
  • Point of sale
  • Accounting
  • Inventory control
  • Customer relationship management

The right point-of-sale software can help lighting showroom businesses provide an enhanced level of customer service.

Windward Clients tell how System Five helps their showrooms

Rather than rely on individual programs to manage each of these important business functions, System Five lets you do it all with a single database. As a result, there’s:

  • windward-software-40-yrs-250Less likelihood of errors
  • No need for redundant data entry
  • A system of order backlog management
  • Increased communication throughout your company

Lighting Showroom Business Efficiency

While Windward’s POS software will work for pretty much any kind of retail business, the program features a series of industry-specific ‘soft switches’ that unlock enhanced functionality. Lighting showrooms face many unique challenges and our software is designed to address them.

For instance, a common challenge for many lighting stores is establishing pricing for retail customers and contractors. With System Five POS software, you can assign price levels or even contract pricing based on customer type.

Suggested Reading for Lighting Showrooms Like Yours

Another innovative feature of this software is the ability to assign room-specific shipping labels. Basically, these give your warehouse and delivery personnel and even lighting installers an easy-to-follow guide for a specific project.

These labels contain useful information such as:

  • Contractor name
  • Room description
  • Name of fixture
  • Bulb type
couple shopping for lighting

To learn more about the benefits of lighting showroom software, read our post: How ERP Software Helps Lighting Showrooms Serve Contractors and Retail Customers.

Also in Showroom TM-4931 with Windward Software

To learn how integrated point-of-sale software can help transform your business, call Windward Software. Our knowledgeable sales associates will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

+1 (800) 663-5750


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