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How Lumber & Building Materials Software Helps You Maintain Solid Partnerships

Lumber & Building Materials SoftwarePrecise inventory control is an essential part of any well-organized company. The lumber and building materials industry has its unique set of inventory management challenges. Whether you sell by the board foot or assign a part number to each length of 2x4 fir, inventory control software keeps track of your product, so you can focus on servicing your customers.

From DIY handymen to professional contractors; your customers rely on the building supplies you provided to complete their projects. If it’s not available because your lumberyard is struggling to maintain stock levels, it will quickly affect your business by sending loyal customers flocking to your competition.

Here are a few ways lumber software will streamline your processes, reduce overhead and keep customers coming back.

Empower Your Employees

Inventory control software isn’t just a management tool; it’s a tool for employees. Used correctly, it will enable everyone in your lumber company to access the information they need to perform their jobs more effectively, no matter where they are:

  • contractor-deal-madeFace-to-face with a customer at your shop
  • The Shipping/receiving dock
  • On the customer's job site
  • Your delivery truck
  • In the warehouse
  • In the back office
  • Even working from home

Of course, you can set permission levels so that only authorized system users have access to sensitive information.

Maintain Optimal Stock Levels

One of the key benefits of inventory software is that it lets you designate optimum stock levels for each product you carry. When inventory for a certain item drops below the assigned threshold, your business management system will remind you to place an order. Most effective Lumber and Building Materials Software will even suggest product quantities and timing of the orders to fulfill orders as needed.

This helps keep your customers satisfied by assuring them of consistent availability of the products they need.

Track Inventory

A reliable inventory control software system is one that lets you monitor in-transit, in-warehouse, and in-store stock, all from one central hub. 

As stock moves through your supply chain—whether you’re shipping, receiving, or selling—the system will track the movement in real-time.

Just-in-time delivery and every custom report you can imagine will help you stay on top of every customer's request while keeping everyone informed.

Using delivery and task management you can ensure your load builders and delivery team stay on the same page and your customers will get their items right on schedule.


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Take Care of Contractors

There will be times when a contractor places an advanced order for a future project, but won’t want it delivered until closer to the start date. How often has one of the Yard Workers gone out to the lumberyard to assemble the order, only to realize they no longer have enough stock?

Inventory software helps you overcome this challenge by allocating the requested items to that customer. Your inventory will be adjusted to only show what’s available, helping eliminate instances where the product has been over-sold. 

You can build-to-order, offer custom cuts and even procure specialized parts designed for the specific application that your contractors are in need of.


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On-hold requests and work-in-progress invoices can be documented in a work order and even assigned to specific Jobs and Projects. You can help ensure they remain committed to the sale by requesting a down payment or you can allow trusted contractors to run Accounts Receivable. Integrated accounting means that action is required until the customer is billed on delivery.

Is your lumberyard struggling with inventory management?

Windward Software has many useful tools for lumber companies looking to optimize their stock levels. Track lumber, millwork, hardware, and other construction supplies with Windward System Five on Cloud.

Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer, or warehousing business, Windward has a solution to help run your business instead of just reporting on it.

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