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How to Know When It's Time To Implement an ERP

Constant business meetings are a sign your company might be ready to upgrade to business management software.

Do you ever catch yourself wondering whether it’s time to start using business management software? After all, how do you know you need something if you’ve never tried it before? Don’t worry, you’re not the first owner or manager to ponder this.

Perhaps you’ve already begun using some form of retail POS software and are now contemplating a fully integrated system. This can help you manage not only your point of sale processes but also your:

  • Inventory control
  • Accounting
  • Customer relationship management

One way to determine whether you need cloud-based business management software is to identify the pain points in your business processes and see if this type of system will address them. Here are a few examples…

1. You’re Always Swamped in Meetings

Keeping your team on the same page is important. That said, you could squander a lot of time and productivity if you constantly find yourself in meetings to share business-critical information.

With an integrated system, your information is stored in a central database. Provided they have the appropriate clearance, your various departments can:

    • Access the info that they need
    • Amend or update the info when appropriate
    • Use data to drive decisions

2. You Rely on Outdated Information

In your fast-paced and highly competitive world, you need current information to make effective decisions. If your business management system isn’t operating in real-time, you’re a step behind.

Rather than wait until the end of the day (or even the end of the week) to get your hands on a batch report, business management software works in real-time, giving you the tools to:

    • Generate reports on the spot
    • Choose from a range of common and customizable report options
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses
    • Act swiftly to take advantage of opportunities OR mitigate problems

To learn more about the different ways you can utilize reporting, read: 4 Metrics You Should Pay Attention to.

3. Collaboration Is a Constant Challenge

One of the problems with standalone platforms is they isolate your departments. If your POS retail software doesn’t mesh with your inventory control software, your sales team won’t know what your warehouse team is up to and may make things harder on them.

With business management software, collaboration is easy. Rather than segregate your information, it allows you to grant each department access to the same pool of information, including:

    • Finances
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Warehouse

Plus, the information only needs to be entered into the system once, so there’s less chance of error.

4. You Have to Be at Your Desk to Stay on Top of Things

To be truly effective, business management software should give you complete access in a remote setting. This could include being:

    • On the shop floor
    • At a different branch location
    • Away at a business conference or trade show
    • While you’re on holiday (if that’s your thing)

If you’re starting your software selection project and are interested in learning whether business management software is right for your company, call Windward Software. Our expert consultants are happy to discuss which features and functions are best suited to the way you operate. 

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