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Proper Promotion Planning Can Help Increase Your Revenue


Everybody loves a good sale, especially discounts centered around a holiday. With President's Day around the corner in the US, we figured we would cover a bit about Windward's comprehensive Promotions module. 

Every business owner knows the challenges that come along with planning promotions.

  That's why Windward System Five has tools that help you to participate in Vendor Rebate or Sell Through Allowance programs.  Why not let them do all of that marketing heavy lifting for you! 🏋️

Windward's Promotions and Sell Through Allowance Module enables business owners to easily develop customer rewards initiatives, including coupons, point programs and gift cards? This functionality makes customers come back time and time again as they feel appreciated and have an opportunity to obtain the greatest possible value.

Point Programs otherwise known as  customer loyal cards keep people walking through the doors, or shopping with you online.

Gift Cards are great for hard-to-shop-for individuals and gives incentive for folks to come shop your store.  Most people cannot stand to let even a few pennies go to waste.

Support for Vendor Sell Through Allowances is available and includes the ability to load STA's, run reporting and bill the supplier through either Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable.

Promotions and Sell Through AllowancesCommonly used Promo Options

  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Buy a Quantity get a Dollar Discount
  • Redeem Dollar Discount
  • Job Number Percentage Discount

Coupon Options

  • Percentage Discount
  • Dollar Discount
  • Percentage Points
  • Percentage Profit
  • Earn X Points
  • Price Schedule
  • Advertised Price
  • Inventory Item as a Coupon
Customer Card
  • Percentage Discount
  • Applies a Price Schedule
  • Advertised Price "with card only"

You can generate reports to ensure that you remain profitable while implementing any of these promotional tactics. 

There are even methods to reward your employees through Sales Promotion Incentive Funds (SPIF's), and Salesperson Commission Tracking.  Read our article "Easy-to-Calculate Commission Plans That Really Motivate" for more on that.

Learn more about Windward's System Five on Cloud ERP by taking the tour below.

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