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Schedule Appointments Effectively & Increase Realized Revenue Using Windward's Calendar Functions

schedule-appointments-effectivelyAppointment scheduling is often your first interaction with a client. Windward's Integrated Service & Delivery Appointment Scheduler helps you make a good first impression by quickly finding open appointments. It also helps you avoid scheduling conflicts and helps assure that your appointments go smoothly throughout the day.

Appointments for Increased Efficiency


Windward System Five’s customer relationship management software was designed to be as quick and easy as a scheduling book, while giving you the advantages of a computer program. It automates many time-consuming scheduling tasks and helps you reduce bottlenecks at your front desk, freeing your staff for other activities.

Windward's Integrated Calendar helps you organize a variety of appointments, whether they are internal or customer interactions.

    • Service Appointments
    • Service Reminders
    • Rental Reservations
    • Employee tasks
    • Anniversaries
    • Deliveries

Appointments are linked to the related invoices saving time and frustration for technicians, load builders and delivery drivers.


With Windward’s Integrated Delivery Scheduler, it’s easy to keep track of your deliveries and the status of each load. Not only does this make for a smoother, more satisfying customer experience, it’ll also free up time that you can spend increasing your sales and marketing efforts.


Here’s a sample of Windward Software’s Delivery tools:

  • Deliveries can be scheduled at the time of sale, or added to a work order at any time
  • Check availability and set delivery days directly from point of sale
  • Delivery requests transfer directly onto the delivery scheduler
  • Print role-based reports such as Delivery Driver and Load Builder reports
  • The delivery coordinator can organize deliveries by load type, vehicle, and/or personnel
  • Prioritization of deliveries with time considerations
  • Color coordination of different load types
  • Delivery specific notations can be added
  • Schedule Pick-ups of supplier PO's
  • Drag and Drop to re-schedule


For more on delivery read Delivery as a Service is a Business Essential

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delivery schedule example

Service Work

Managing your service department can be tricky, especially if you’re doing it manually. A point of sales system handles service orders with ease by tracking their status and removing guesswork.

It also gives management the ability to gain feedback on labor efficiencies so that they can compare estimated service times with actual service times. For more in-depth analysis, a particular service item can include:

  • Name of the technician working on it
  • Number of hours performed vs charged
  • Additional comments specific to the repair or maintenance
  • Subcategories detailing the nature of repair work (oil change, tire repair, mechanical)
  • Service status (urgent, waiting for parts, completed etc.)

Windward System Five can also be used to set reminders and send notifications: 

  • Notify customers and schedulers of upcoming service appointments
  • Does the vehicle need to be picked up or delivered?
  • Notify customer when service is complete

Lift Profits with Service and Technician Tracking


Rental Reservations

rentals-pathWindward System Five incorporates real-time inventory management that quickly and easily tells you:

  • Which items are available for rent
  • What items are booked (reserved vs currently rented)
  • Which items are overdue.

Track the whereabouts of your inventory, and avoid:

  • Double-bookings
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Misplaced inventory

Read Also Using Inventory Management Software to Add Rentals to Your Business for more on this.


Tracking Vital Statistics

Windward Software’s business management system incorporates several standard reports that will help you manage your business. You can track a number of appointment-related statistics such as:

  • Cancellations
  • No-shows
  • Technician productivity
  • And much more

This data enables you to make more informed decisions regarding your business practices and helps you maximize profits.

Windward's Calendar Functions are included in your Windward System Five on Cloud subscription.

Documentation can be found in Windward Self-Help

Windward-Professional-Services-white-background Windward clients, please contact your Account Manager to talk about a Professional Services plan for advanced help setting up the Delivery or Service Appointment Scheduler.  +1 (800) 633-5750

Or you can start by checking out this webinar where we will discuss how to use the separate calendars to keep track of contacts with customers, schedule deliveries or maintenance for customer units, and how to add notes into the scheduler. There will be a live demo with examples and a quick Q & A will follow.

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