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Why Having Enough System Five Licenses is a Must for Store Success


Having a license for each employee is important so they can do their best work. The proper number of Windward licenses can eliminate staff from fighting over licenses, enable other roles to take advantage of System Five features, and you can offer better overall customer service with speedy responses to phone & email inquiries. Many businesses are able to offer more value-added services by enabling more users.

Having enough user licenses ensures that employees are productive and can do their best work. When employees are productive, they're able to offer better customer service. And when they're able to offer better customer service, that reflects well on the store and helps to bring in more business. It's a self-perpetuating cycle that starts with having enough licenses for each employee.

Other roles taking advantage of System Five:

woman-with-scannerWhen a business has more than one role that needs access to Windward System Five, it's important to have enough licenses so that each person can do their work. For example, mechanics or technicians can use it to add line items to their tickets add notes and update job status. Or delivery personnel can quickly pick merchandise for curbside pickup or delivery staging.

Additionally, it prevents problems that can arise when multiple people are sharing a login (e.g., cash discrepancies, login conflicts, overwriting another person's work, etc.).

Speedy responses to phone & email inquiries:

Another reason to have enough licenses is so that employees can quickly respond to customer inquiries via phone and email. By having enough user licenses, businesses can assign specific employees to handle customer inquiries and track their response times. This helps to ensure that customers are getting timely responses and that businesses are meeting their customer service goals.

Offer better overall customer service:

Ultimately, having enough licenses leads to better overall customer service. This is because businesses with enough licenses can provide employees with the tools they need to do their job effectively and efficiently. Additionally, businesses with enough licenses can keep track of employee performance and ensure that employees are meeting customer service standards.

Mood/Company Culture:

frustrated-confused-young-woman-manager-500-500Having enough user licenses eliminates the need for staff to fight over who gets to use the software and when. If your staff is fighting over licenses, it's going to reflect in their work and in their attitudes. This can lead to hard feelings and resentment among employees, neither of which is good for business.

There are many reasons why it's important for businesses to have a user license for each employee. Some of these reasons include other roles taking advantage of System Five, speedy responses to phone & email inquiries, offering better overall customer service, and keeping employees productive.

By having enough System Five licenses, businesses can set themselves up for success in meeting their customer service goals.

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