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Why Should My E-Commerce Solution Be “Talking To” My ERP?

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Shoppers expect the same experience online as they do in-store. Your Point of Sale and Inventory Management system isn’t something that your customers can see, but it can make a world of difference in the level of service you can provide them. Read on to see why your E-commerce solution should be connected to your ERP.

There’s nothing worse for a customer than getting a vastly different shopping experience when shopping in-store vs online.


Imagine the disappointment when a customer finds a higher price after doing their research and traveling to your brick-and-mortar location. Or even worse, when they get there they find that the item is out of stock.

Product descriptions, availability, and pricing should be consistent, no matter where the shopper finds you.


How do you prevent this from happening?

By practicing what we call Unified Commerce. Unified commerce simply means connecting all of the systems that you use in your business into a single platform. This is what Windward Software has been doing since 1984. We’ve taken this a step further through our E-Commerce partnership with WebSell. (More about this later.)

Unified commerce gives your staff a single source of truth and the confidence that the website will reflect the actual conditions in your brick-and-mortar store.

With unified commerce, communication with your customers also becomes easier. After all, you’ve obtained their email address to fulfill their order. Now you have a great tool to give status updates on their order, upsell consumables and related products, and even gather product and service reviews from them.

Your customers likely interact with your business in a number of different ways on many sales channels. It’s your business’s job to present a smooth and seamless experience, no matter how they shop. Connecting your E-Commerce to your ERP helps you do just that.

Connecting E-commerce to your ERP has many benefits.

  • Save Staff Time/Increase Productivitywindward system five on cloud logo
  • Earn Customer Loyalty
  • Better Communication
  • Reduce Errors
  • Sell More

Where do I get a Unified Commerce Solution?

The Windward System Five integration to WebSell has all of the tools you need to run your online presence without making a whole lot of changes to the way you fulfill orders today.WebSell Logo

  • Hyper-fast mobile-friendly website
  • Easy checkout experience for your guests
  • Omnichannel experience for your customers
  • Branded Emails to match your new web store
  • Fulfillment using the same tools you’re used to in Windward System Five

Selling on the web doesn’t have to be hard. With WebSell we’ve simplified getting Windward System Five to work seamlessly with your website.

Take a look at a few of the businesses using Windward System Five and WebSell

I Need an eCommerce Solution for Windward System Five, Where Do I Start?

Getting started with an e-commerce solution for System Five is easy. Just request a free demo of WebSell.

See how WebSell and Windward System Five work together in the video below.

HubSpot Video

 Windward Software and WebSell operate together under shared leadership in the Volaris Group, so you can rest easy knowing that we've got your back.

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