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How Medical Store Software Helps Manage Your Sales, Service & Rentals

Medical Store Software Helps Manage Your Sales, Service & RentalsYou service healthcare professionals with supplies, uniforms, and equipment, but also provide essential supplies and support to the everyday consumer.

Medical store software keeps track of your supplies and medical equipment so that you can spend more time helping the community you serve.

With numerous customers to service, orders to fill, and supplies that need to be kept in stock, you need medical store software that can help you keep organized and operationally sound. You need to be able to answer those important questions and give instruction and advice while easing the uncertainty and fears of your customers.

Need to improve your customer service while reducing costs? Here are 7 ways medical store software can help:

Customer Management

Personalized service is the key ingredient when running a busy medical supply store. Medical store software can help you log specific details about your customers, such as sizing information, the equipment they have rented, consumables that they have purchased, and even health benefits information.

You can also easily look up their service or purchase history by searching for:
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Account number
  • Email address
  • Keyword
  • And more
Check out how to Schedule Appointments Effectively & Increase Realized Revenue Using Windward's Calendar Functions

Inventory Tracking

Check for stock instantly and keep accurate records of your supplies and equipment with inventory management features. Inventory management software like Windward System Five can also check if an out-of-stock item is available either in-store or at another location. Trace items that are on special order, and keep your customers notified with real-time reports and expected delivery dates.

Rental Management

deluxe-scooterGood rental business software features a recurring rentals application for repeat customers. Your repeat customers will appreciate the time saved when you have a complete record of their past and ongoing rentals at your fingertips and can quickly and easily process their orders. Windward System Five can handle your renewable billing for those recurring rentals.

Point of Sale

Many of your customers are either in health care or have health needs of their own. Making sure they are attended to accurately, without long waits, is key. Eliminate errors at the checkout counter with easy-to-use software and a barcode scanner. Not only does this help at the check lanes, but it also improves the speed of receiving shipments.

Invoicing and Split Billing

Sales and service software allows you to create new customers and start their accounts instantly. Once they are in the system, you can input and edit their information, add them to your mailing list, and view any additional information that is important to their medical purchase history.  You can also print out any information they need to know about a particular piece of equipment along with their invoice. Split billing invoices for provider and customer

Windward System Five has a split-billing feature for costs shared with a medical benefits provider. 

Purchasing Management

With enterprise resource planning software (ERP) like Windward System Five as part of your integrated medical store software, you can collect, store, manage and interpret data so that you can organize orders from specific suppliers. 


Do you want to add online sales to your in-store sales and make your business more profitable, while making it easier on those customers who may not be as mobile? Adding an eCommerce site as part of your medical store software is easier than you think. Your website can be configured to include many or all of your products for an easy sale, and you can also add a shopping cart that is secure and user-friendly.   More on this in a future article.

Windward System Five for Medical Sales, Service and Rental StoresWith Windward’s Medical Store and Supplies Software, you can meet your customers’ needs accurately and efficiently with real-time reporting, invoices, managed checkout capabilities, and inventory control. Keep records of your customer information, supplies, and equipment with a single easy-to-use system.

For more information, head over to Medical Supply Store Software Overview

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