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How Retail Management Software Can Shake Up Your Wine and Liquor Store Sales

shake-up-your-liquor-store-salesWhether you are selling a mellow merlot to a couple or catering an open bar at a wedding, Retail Management Software can help you run your wine and liquor store so you can spend time pampering your guests.

Your Liquor Store comes with numerous challenges including regulatory requirements, inventory challenges, and scheduling.  Your software shouldn't be one of the challenges.  It needs to be there to help deal with the various categories, brands, flavors, price points, and size variations of products available.

That’s where an integrated retail management software package can help you run your Wine and Liquor Store as smoothly as a perfectly blended cocktail or classic Bordeaux.

Here’s how:

Point of Sale

If you are working on the floor or at the register, point of sale software is integral to having information at your fingertips. With the help of a barcode scanner that connects right into your retail POS system, you can improve the speed of checking items out and checking on received shipments for that customer looking for a specific brand of Prosecco.

A multi-functional POS screen can also give you and your customers easier and more open transactions.

A mobile POS system allows you to meet your customers away from the register.  With handheld devices such as a tablet or other portable computer, you can:

  • Answer customer questions
  • Check stock
  • Finalize sales
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Boost productivity

Integrated Credit Processing

Credit card processing is another critical component of a retail management system that helps your business accept a full range of credit, debit, and gift cards. With integrated processing, your customers will have fast, secure transactions without the need for store staff handling customer cards or entering the amount into the PinPad device.

Full Inventory Management

If you are operating a small business, such as a boutique wine and spirits store, you are not only dealing with your customers, but you also have to manage all the back-room requirements such as ordering, keeping track of stock, and accounting. You need retail management software that can help manage those activities.

Having integrated inventory control, along with your point of sale and accounting software, is vital to operating your small business efficiently.

4 Ways Retail Management Software Can Help Your Wine and Liquor Store

Inventory control can help you search for:

  • Stock levels
  • Warehouse locations
  • Purchase order status
  • Delivery order picking status.

It also allows you to enter alternate supplier information, including costs, which helps when you make comparisons and gather information on high-selling products, including wine varietals and liquor brands from numerous suppliers.

Integrated Accounting

Good accounting software puts you in control, providing a fast, simple, and error-free way of managing your business. Our integrated accounting system features many automated processes, allowing you to view, print, enter and report data quickly and conveniently.

HubSpot Video

Watch our quick Accounting Overview

Real-time accounting allows you to produce P&L Statements and Balance sheets in a few simple clicks.

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Windward’s retail management software offers flexible point of sale, accounting, and inventory control for your wine and liquor business. We will help you run your store more efficiently so you can get back to educating your customers on the finer points of wine tannins.

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