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At Windward Software we have been using video to augment our training processes for years. Primarily we wanted a series of tutorials that could be used for training and re-training. I mean, to use videos - initially - to illustrate how to set-up and use System Five and - secondly - to refresh people's memory about how to accomplish tasks they rarely do - like change tax rates etc. The videos also worked out great for people who like to to self-pace their learning and even for training new staff. We use our own software! That's right, at Windward Software we use System Five to keep track of our clients, their needs, sales and opportunities. The videos you see are the videos we use for training our staff as well. We also produce a series of videos for in-house use only to keep our employees up to date with changes in the software. We also video record seminars, workshops, presentations, testimonials and for presenting concepts - like our video "Elevator Pitch" which we made for a Career Fair. Different types of videos require different types of software. For testimonials ( and videos like Elevator Pitch I used Adobe Premiere Pro which allows me to load up a variety of different takes of each scene and then quickly review and edit the best of them together. For our screen capture videos we've been using Camtasia for years. It's easy to learn and produce videos. All the end production options are great too - we want our videos to load fast over the internet and we want the videos very clear so you can see mouse movements and click options. Another great use for Camtasia is to turn slide shows into video. For instance, if you make PowerPoint presentations you can import those slides and dub audio over them to make an A/V slideshow for the web or DVD. For some video we bypass the production software entirely. At our 2011 User Conference I "Tweeted" and "Blogged" video content minutes after it occurred using a handheld Kodak video camera hooked into my laptop computer on the conference floor. The same 'instant' videos are possible using camera enabled mobile phones and tablets. BTW, you can follow us on Twitter @windward_pos Online video provides a media rich experience for viewers, they can see and hear how/why to use your product or a feature of it. Most learning experiences are enhanced with video, but that doesn't mean video is suited to everything. For products or promotions that undergo constant change, video may be too an expensive an option. For instance, by the time you record, produce, upload and advertise a video about 'this weeks special' the week could be over!

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