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Like anything now-a-days, there are web pages and videos dedicated to selling you webinar software solutions. Finding unbiased reviews or comparisons of similar products is difficult - it's hard to know if what you are reading is true or a covertly placed advertisement. A Windward Software we are currently using GoToMeeting for our webinars½and just in case you think 'ah-ha! They are related;' we are not. We use webinars because it is expensive to send trainers out to customer sites for something that will essentially result in people sitting side by side at a computer. We began working with GoToMeeting in 2010 because, after assessing a few products, Tanya was happy with the software. She uses it, she decides. Tanya likes it because it's live and interactive, it's intuitive too, for webinar attendees, because they can type questions into question panel, or ask using their microphone or call in. It was an immediate success! We advertised the webinars to our customer base (we can demonstrate how to do that with WeMail) and they responded so positively (438 attendees for Q1 alone) that we now have a presenter to present the topic and a moderator to facilitate the webinar, organize and 'feed' the questions to the presenter. After the webinar GoToMeeting auto generates follow up emails to attendees and no shows. Another nice thing, if you have to cancel a webinar for some reason, Tanya can select 'cancel webinar' and a cancellation email is sent to everyone who registered - easy! Anything you can show people on your computer is applicable to webinars. We use it for software training, tips and techniques workshops, but we know some retailers are using it to communicate merchandizing ideas, slideshows on a variety of subjects, inter-corporate ideals like our tips and techniques, question and answer periods etc. Using GoToMeeting was so successful our customers wanted to know, 'what's next?' So we created a schedule of weekly topics through the first quarter and we've added a new topic schedule every quarter since.

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