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5 Ways Business Management Software Manages Your Online Sales

5 Ways Business Management Software Manages Your Online Sales
Integrate your online sales with your in-store sales with easy-to-use retail management software

You started your small business two years ago and now your online sales are going gangbusters. Customers, especially out-of-towners, like the ease of clicking a few buttons to do their shopping. But here’s the dilemma, you and your staff are also busy running your retail outlet, and you would rather not hire someone specifically to manage your online store.

What do you do? 

With an easy-to-learn fully integrated business management software package, you can manage your online sales along with your in-store sales, so you don’t have to hire additional staff on the front end or back end.

Here are 5 Ways business management software can help manage your online store:

1. Let the business come to you

When set up for online sales, business management software lets you input your product line description, along with images, and send it out to all e-commerce channels. You can also automatically upload your catalogue from your point of sale (POS) system to your online store.

2. Streamline your operation

By exchanging data between your physical store and the e-commerce platform, you can manage your in-store and online system as one unified platform. A cloud ERP integrations system allows you to link to your existing online store, POS, and back office systems.

3. Load your shopping cart 

You can connect POS systems for retail with e-commerce platforms and online market places such as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and others. You can also connect to more than a dozen online ordering “shopping cart” systems such as Shopify and Magento. Share your online sales and inventory with your business management software, including cash registers, store locations and warehouses.

4. Make your customers happy

With your integrated business management software you can make your online sales more efficient by managing your customer database.

You can also make your customers happy with your cloud ERP system by preventing:

  • double entries
  • out of stock situations
  • back orders
  • refunds

5. Enjoy the results

Integrated business management software allows you to enjoy the profits from both your online sales and your in-store sales. Not only do you save on labour costs, you save time with your accounts, inventory management and sales records all in one automated system. 

For more on how you can better help manage your online sales, read our blog on how Windward Enhances Business Management Software with 24/Seven Partnership.

Enjoy an easy transition to online sales and increase your profits with Windward System Five business management software and 24Seven Commerce. Call us today at 1-800-663-5750 to learn how your business can gain from online shopping benefits.

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