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How a Connected Point-of-Sale System Improves the Customer Experience

connected-pos (1)A point-of-sale system, or POS, is a key part of any retail operation. It's the store system through which customers make their purchases and clerks ring up sales. In recent years, there's been a shift towards POS systems that are connected, meaning they connect your online, in-store, and backroom functions. 

This type of system has a number of benefits for both store owners and customers. Here's a closer look at how a connected POS system improves the customer experience.

Your Website Could be Your Flagship Store

If done right your online presence can drive people into your store.  Buyers have been researching new products online for years, maybe even decades by now. Displaying availability can help someone make a buying decision. And knowing that they can walk away with an item today at your store can really generate foot traffic.  You can of course still fulfill the order by them ordering it online.

Increased Visibility into Inventory Levels

One of the biggest benefits of a connected POS system is that it gives storeowners increased visibility into inventory levels. This information is crucial in preventing out-of-stocks, which can be frustrating for customers and lead to lost sales.

A connected POS system can help store owners control inventory levels in real-time and make sure products are in-stock when they're needed most. 

Windward Software E-Commerce

With Windward Software you have the flexibility to utilize e-Commerce tools prevalent in your industry.

Improved Order Accuracy


Another benefit of a connected POS system is that it can help improve order accuracy. With all of your online and in-store sales being funneled through one central system, it's easier to keep track of orders and make sure they're fulfilled correctly. This is especially important if you sell products online and fulfill them in-store – you need to have a POS system that can keep track of both types of orders and make sure they're filled correctly.

Faster Checkout Times

A connected POS system can also help speed up the checkout process. When all of your data is stored in one central location, it's easy for cashiers to access everything they need – no more fumbling around with multiple devices, flipping through catalogs, or inputting data into multiple systems.

This supports shorter wait times and happier customers.


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Better Customer Insight

Finally, a connected POS system gives storeowners better insight into their customers. When all of your data is stored in one place, it's easy to run reports and see who your best customers are, what types of products they're buying and how often they're shopping with you. This information is valuable in tailoring your marketing efforts and improving the overall customer experience.


A Real Time-Saver

Imagine if, through automation, you can save even one hour a day of paperwork, bookkeeping or whatever other menial tasks you do. What could you do with an extra five or six hours a week of productive time?

Overall, a connected POS system offers a number of advantages for both store owners and customers alike. If you're thinking about upgrading your POS system, consider investing in a connected point of sale system to reap the benefits described above!


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